Hello friends,

My name is Rajdeep and I am from Rajasthan. I am a computer science engineer and currently working in an MNC headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana.

I have been working in the E-commerce industry since 2015, though I am working in a private company. but in reality, nobody wants to work for another person when you can work for yourself by being self-dependent, and that's why I chose the blogging field too. I am doing blogging since December 2020 part-time but want to make it full time.

earlier on the path of being a self employer, I had tried share market trading also but I found that it was not my cup of tea hence I left it.

since then I am working on my blogs and will continue to do the same.

That's about me. 😊

Now want to talk about this blog, funnyvideosjokesnews.com is a blog/site where I post jokes related to husband-wife jokes, Sharabi jokes, Hindi jokes, and chutkule, girlfriend boyfriend jokes, festival jokes, etc.

You will also find funny memes, funny news, and funny jokes all over this blog.

I hope you all will love them.



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